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|  Angelika Vraka Dipl (Couns. Psych.), MA (Psych), MBACP (Reg)

Seeking professional counselling or therapy is the step forward to deal with emotional pain such as feeling depressed, anxious, experiencing low self-esteem, struggling with addictive behaviour, dealing with grief and loss, work related stress, having recurring relationship problems and more. If you are looking for a counsellor whatever the reason, welcome!

I am a MBACP registered Integrative Psychotherapist with eight years of experience in a number of professional settings. ‘Integrative’ means not limiting my approach to one school of therapy. This ensures that therapy is unique for each of my clients.

As a therapist, my aim is to assist you to look inwards and become aware of the way you behave and make choices. Then you can make informed decisions about what is in your best interest and how to move forward. I listen in a non-judgemental, strictly confidential, respectful, non-discriminatory way and I will be there to assist you all the way to a brighter future.

I offer Face-to-Face sessions from my practice in Wimpole Street, West End and Snow Hill Court, St. Paul’s in London. I also offer VSee (like Skype but more secure) based Chat and Video Online Counselling and Telephone Therapy for UK residents, English and Greek speakers worldwide.

Internet counselling is becoming a present day alternative, it is not suited for everyone, but it can be an additional space in which to explore whatever life challenges you with. It can be a flexible and convenient way to express yourself.

For some, depending on their circumstances or their lifestyle, a blend of the therapies can be a possibility. Clients who travel for business and want to keep up with their sessions use both Face-to-Face and VSee. For others Telephone and Chat Counselling seems to be a better option.

Not all types of therapy are suitable for everyone but options and possibiities can be discussed in our initial session.

For any questions please send me a message using the contact form on my contact page and I will get back to you in the next 24 hours.

Lose your mind and come to your senses     Fritz Perls

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