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Client Therapist Agreement

 |  Process Of Therapy/Evaluation

Therapy is truly beneficial in many ways and whether you have decided to do it as a means to resolve specific issues, or to generally improve interpersonal relationships, personal involvement is absolutely necessary in order for it to be effective. Though it can be hard at times, you are expected to be very open about your personal experiences, honest above all with yourself, and to give feedback to your therapist with regards to your personal views on your progress, your doubts, or other aspects of your therapy.

Therapy to help you deal with your issues can be done following different approaches. At times having to talk about or even recalling certain experiences of the past can make you feel upset, sad, angry, anxious, worried, disappointed and could even lead to conditions such as depression and insomnia. It is my job to challenge you, so you can change your perception of the situations that trigger those feelings and see them from a completely different point of view.

Psychotherapy is something as complex as one’s personality and can bring about changes that may or may not regard the issues that initially led you to it. Undertaking new behaviours to resolve specific problems, for example can result in changes that were not initially planned or thought of and may concern different aspects of your life such as personal relationships, employment, housing, education, nutrition, drinking and substance use. Although these changes are mainly positive, other members of your family or people that are close to you may not accept them immediately and they could even consider them negative. It is all part of the process just like the progress that you make which at times can be very slow. Patience is required in order to see results that may or may not be intended. Throughout the course of the therapy, it is up to the therapist to decide which psychological or motivational approaches to use depending on the issue that is being treated. By always having the client’s benefit in mind, these approaches can include behavioural, cognitive-behavioural, psychodynamic, existential, system/family, developmental (adult, child, family), psycho-educational or coaching techniques.

|  Discussion Of Treatment Plan

Therapy is a team effort. And from the very start you need to take an active part in the process in order for the counselling experience to be valuable. This entails discussing with your therapist the reasons why you are seeking therapy, your expectations, the outcome you are aiming at, but also the treatment plan you want to follow. Openness and trust are fundamental so in case you have any doubts or questions about the potential benefits, the risks involved, the therapist’s expertise, or any other aspect of the therapy, you will be answered fully. In case you want a treatment that could be of benefit to you, which however is different from the one we have undertaken, it is your right to expect me to assist you in obtaining it.

 |  Fees and Payment

  • My fee is £60 for individual therapy, £ 110 for couples.
  • If you agree to continue with therapy after your first appointment I expect payment of one session in advance at the end of your very first session. This will allow me to reserve a slot for the following week.

|  Regular Sessions

  • If you decide to go ahead with therapy following your first session, I will ask you to commit to regular sessions at the same time each week.
  • Unfortunately it is usually not possible to provide therapy sessions on a fortnightly basis as this would leave a slot empty in alternative weeks.
  • If you have agreed to minimum number of sessions, the number agreed to is [        ] (set period). If therapy continues beyond that set period, without a further set period agreed or if not set period has been agreed then either of us may give a minimum notice of 6 weeks to the other terminating therapy. Note that starting therapy can provoke anxiety and the desire to premature terminate therapy this should be resisted. This is particularly so after 6 to 8 sessions.

|  Cancellations & Breaks

  • If you cancel a session with less than 4 days notice I charge the full fee for the missed session. However, attempts will be made to re-arrange another at a different day or time before your next session and even the possibility for one via phone or VSee. If you either do not give notice or give less than 4 working days then you will have to pay the full fee for any such session.
  • If you can give at least 7 days notice of a planned commitment, a holiday or other break, I charge a 50% holding fee to reserve your slot while you are away, and to cover expenses.
  • If you are ill or in a crisis then reasonable efforts will be made to re-arrange an additional replacement session prior to the next session but no guarantee is given in that regard. The holding fee will apply, this is to cover room and other expenses. Telephone and Vsee sessions can be a possibility for your replacement session.
  • The holding fee can only apply to two missed sessions in any three month period. Further missed sessions are charged at the full rate if you still want to hold your slot.
  • If I have to cancel a session you will be notified and no fees will be due for any sessions cancelled. Attempts will be made for a replacement session before your next with no guarantee.

|  Confidentiality

  • I follow the code of ethics of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy which can be downloaded HERE
  • Your discussions with me are always confidential as laid down in the BACP code of ethics. I will only breach confidentiality if I believe you intend to harm yourself or another, if I am required to do so by Court Order or under statute or you consent me to do so. I will speak to you before I disclose any information. In addition my work is supervised in accordance with the Rules of the UKCP and BACP, I might discuss aspects of your therapy however without revealing your identity.
  • If you arrive for a session under the influence of alcohol or non prescribed drugs, or if you behave in a physical violent way I might cancel the session immediately and the fee will remain due from you.

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