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|  What is E-Counselling

Online Counselling, also known as E-Therapy, offers an accessible, convenient and discrete alternative to traditional Face-to-Face Therapy. It provides you with the same experience as Face-to-Face Counselling but from the comfort and privacy of your own home or office. Services are typically offered via real-time chat, and video conferencing. E-Therapy can be a choice for people with demanding and inflexible schedules, people who can't get to the therapist for reasons of mobility, geography or limited time.

The British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) is committed to make sure that online therapy is provided solely by experienced qualified therapists who are additionally and specifically trained on that field. The Association for Counselling and Therapy Online (ACTO) is also monitoring the online therapist's training and membership with established ethical guidelines to ensure best practice.

I have trained with the Online Therapy Institute and have full accreditation with ACTO (Association for Counselling and Therapy Online).


|  What do you need...

For E-Sessions you need a computer which has a video webcam either already installed or you can get an external one. I use VSee as it is encrypted, free between users worldwide and with a good visual and voice quality. If you haven’t used VSee before it is very easy to download, use and create an account.  If you don’t know how to do any of the above, I will e-mail you everything you need to know in detail.

|  Fees & payment for E –Therapy

Each Session lasts for 50 minutes.

I do offer lower prices to clients with low income.

|  Making Payments

Details with clear instructions will be provided to you before therapy begins. Payments are being collected via Paypal. You don’t have to have a paypal account, you can use a credit or debit card. The payment will be made by simply clicking on the link I ll have sent you and by following the online instructions.

Informed Consent and Privacy Statement

If you decide to go ahead please read the Informed Consent and Privacy Statement. Most of the information is basic but the document does tell you more about how I work, issues related to your confidential therapy record, and how to handle an emergency.

Here you can READ and download a copy of the Informed Consent.

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